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Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl Space Insulation

Hidden beneath your home, your crawl space may fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category. You may not think about it very often, let alone how well it’s insulated. But it’s easier than you may think to tell that you need more insulation in your crawl space. Higher energy bills and fluctuating indoor temperatures are the most common signs that will alert you to the need for more insulation. You may also have pest/animal infestations beneath your home, mold and mildew growth, visible moisture and visible compaction.

Contact the team at Eastern Contractor Services at (866) 446-7858 to speak with our professional insulation experts about the problems you’re noticing in your home. It’s our pleasure to help you identify the best way to protect your home and deliver the comfort you desire.

Benefits of Adequate Crawl Space Insulation

The right amount of insulation creates the right amount of comfort. When you have the proper R-value at the correct depth, it will help keep you comfortable and prevent your monthly utility bills from rising sky-high. It will also help protect your home from mold/mildew damage, improve the indoor air quality and much more.

Adding crawl space insulation in New Jersey is an investment in your comfort, your health and the value of your home. It will protect you against rising energy bills, reduce indoor air pollution and ensure that you have steady comfort throughout the year.

Contact the team at Eastern Contractor Services at (866) 446-7858 to learn more about the insulation products we offer and the protection spray foam, fiberglass batts and foam board insulation will provide. 

What Insulation Works Well in Crawl Spaces?

Crawl spaces often have moisture intrusion, so it is crucial to choose your insulation carefully. Rigid foam insulation boards are easily installed and help prevent mold, mildew and gases from entering the home. Spray foam is ideal because it is impervious to moisture penetration. As it expands and sets, spray foam insulation creates a solid protective layer that insects, rodents and other pests can’t easily infiltrate.

It is important to remember that closed-cell spray foam insulation is the only type of insulation approved and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It also meets flood damage resistance design standards. For these reasons and many others, we strongly recommend using closed-cell spray foam insulation within all crawl spaces along the Jersey Shore or anywhere that is prone to flooding.

Contact the team at Eastern Contractor Services at (866) 446-7858 to learn more about crawl space insulation in New Jersey. It is our pleasure to tell you about the steps we take to ensure your home’s insulation complies with your homeowner’s insurance requirements, building codes and more!

Importance of Professional Insulation Installation

Whether it’s fiberglass batts, foam board or spray foam insulation, you want to hire a professional to perform the task. While insulation may seem like an easy “do it yourself” project, it requires strict adherence to every detail, building codes and more.

Moreover, a professional will ensure that any wet and compacted insulation is removed from the crawl space. This is crucial because damp insulation can facilitate bacterial growth and negatively impact the indoor air quality within your home if it is not removed.

Contact the team at Eastern Contractor Services at (866) 446-7858 for more information about the crawl space insulation we recommend for our clients throughout New Jersey! It’s our pleasure to tell you more about our qualifications and professional certifications and share with you reviews from your peers and neighbors in the community.


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